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Schwarzkopf BC Hair Scalp Hair Growth Shampoo Review

For years now mother has told me that one day I am going to lose my hair, because all the men in the family do when they reach their get in their mid 30’s, but I never really payed much attention to her. That was, until the day I turned 30. On my 30th birthday I woke up and found hair on my pillow, that was when reality sank in, and I realized that mother was right. I began losing hair more and more every night and desperately wanted to find an answer to my problem quickly.

I got pretty lucky, other men in my family have told me that they searched for the right shampoo for years, but I found Schwarzkopf BC Hair+Scalp Hair Growth Shampoo right away. Schwarzkopf shampoo was the first shampoo and first hair regrowth product I tried. I am completely satisfied with the results. Since using Schwarzkopf shampoo, my hair has completely stopped thinning and now is growing back. I have only been using the shampoo for 3 weeks now, but can already tell I have found my new and permanent shampoo. Not only is is doing exactly what I bought it for, but it is also improving my hair condition.

My hair looks and feels the best that it ever has. Schwarzkopf shampoo has given my hair so much shine and volume, it no longer feels heavy and dry. My scalp used to itch all the time, but now that I think about it I don’t remember my head itching at all since I first used the shampoo. My head use to feel heavy each night, even after washing it just that morning. But now I know my hair looks great all day no matter what. I now longer wake a find hair on my pillow, and for any one that has experienced this first hand know that this is the best feeling of all. Schwarzkopf shampoo is also so affordable. I asked some of my uncles how much they were spending on their shampoo, and most of the said around $50, with some even paying $80 for one bottle of shampoo. I spent $20ish on my bottle and have only went through a small portion of the bottle.

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Schwarzkopf BC Hair+Scalp Hair Growth Shampoo has easily been the purchase of my life. This shampoo has ended a terrible genetic problem that my entire family has had to with forever, but now, it is is over. I was pretty lucky find a shampoo so fast that actually works and is growing my hair back.

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