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NIOXIN Intensive Therapy Follicle Booster Review

My name is Brenda and unfortunately I have struggles with my hair thinning more and more over the last 5 years. I have always had thin hair but in the last several years I have noticed that every day, my hair would get thinner and thinner and now even my eyebrows have seemed to almost disappear. Just like many of you who suffer from this, I have tried so many products and while some have shown little results, none have delivered like NIOXIN Intensive Therapy Follicle Booster. My older sister began using Nioxin about a year ago, and I had really noticed a huge charge in her appearance. It seemed as if her hair had doubled in thickness since the last time I had seen her. After talking to her about this product I decided to go ahead a buy it.

What first surprised me was how affordable it was, but I very quickly started loving this Nioxin product for much more. I began use it each day and in about a week really began seeing results, my hair was not getting thinner anymore. I was pleased enough with that, after waking each morning to find less hair than the day before, it was nice to not lose any for an entire week. About 5 days after the thinning stopped, I began noticing that my hair was getting thicker. After 5 long years of struggling to not wash too much, not brush too much, and spending every extra minute worrying about my hair, I got to sit back and just enjoy my now great looking hair. Within two weeks I had thicker hair than I did 5 years ago. The results were unbelievable! Not only was my hair thicker but it was so much healthier. I will never forget the day, about 4 weeks after starting NIOXIN Intensive Therapy Follicle Booster, I received my first compliment about how great my hair looked, and wow did that feel great. This product also helped my disappearing eyebrows, and now I even have to get them waxed regularly, just an extra added bonus.

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I finished that first bottle and even bought a second bottle. I would, and have, recommend NIOXIN Intensive Therapy Follicle Booster to everyone I know. It is great to finally find a product that really delivers results and in such a quick time. Since starting this product I feel pretty everyday, and that’s the best part of what NIOXIN Intensive Therapy Follicle Booster has done for me.

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