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Hair Loss Treatments

How to Minimize Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Based on the type and dose of chemo you get, you might experience baldness and even hair loss. (GETTY IMAGES)when you have dedicated to treating your breast cancer with chemotherapy, then there is a fantastic chance you will lose at least a few of your own hair. Side effects vary from thinning to complete hair loss and rely largely on the sort and dose of chemo you get. The issue isn’t restricted to the hair on your mind –you might lose your entire body or pubic hair also. The reduction is usually temporary, but it is one of those negative effects that women fear many.

Hair-loss remedies

Several remedies are researched as approaches to minimize baldness or rate regrowth, but none of these are 100% successful. Hair-restoration”specialists” and goods can make huge promises; as a rule of thumb, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

You and your physician may disagree regarding whether you ought to try one of those products.

Implementing Rogaine straight to your scalp will not completely prevent baldness, but it has been demonstrated to accelerate baldness in breast cancer patients who’ve lost their own hair, and it might even delay the reduction. A little 1996 study found that although minoxidil didn’t stop baldness in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, it took more for hair to fall out, and hair finally grew back quicker.

It isnt economical, however, and it may lead to baldness or itchiness. When you have cardiovascular disease, speak with your health care provider before using Rogaine, as it might cause rapid heartbeat or low blood pressure.

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Based on the form of chemo you are getting, sporting a suspended gel cap or ice pack during therapy might decrease hair loss. By frightening the scalp through intravenous chemo, blood circulation into hair follicles is decreased. This, in turn, lessens the sum of the chemo medication absorbed by the pores, which reduces follicle damage and possible baldness.

The procedure can be uncomfortable and cold, but investigations of many studies have found that the possible advantage of preventing baldness may outweigh the disadvantage. 1 little, oft-cited analysis of breast cancer patients taking doxorubicin (Adriamycin) indicates that scalp cooling may produce a substantial difference. Of the 28 participants that ate a suspended gel cap throughout the management of the chemotherapy medication, 12 had no significant baldness, while 10 revealed only baldness. Six girls lost most or all their hair, regardless of the scalp cooling.

There is also a possible threat with scalp hypothermia. Considering that the process lowers the dose of chemotherapy which reaches the entire scalp, it carries a small risk of metastases in that region.

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