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HAIRGIA Hair Rejuvenator Cleansing Shampoo Review

For most of life I have had thin, fine hair. I have looked for years for a shampoo that would help to grow my hair thicker, but after trying tons of shampoos out there, I have never been very pleased with the results. That was until I tried HairGear Hair Rejuvenator Cleansing Shampoo, and the results have been perfect. The other shampoos I tried first either dried my hair out or created a build up in my hair, neither results were worth my hair becoming a little thicker.

But once I started using HairGear Hair Rejuvenator Cleansing Shampoo, I immediately decided this would now be MY shampoo. The first thing about Hair Gear’s shampoo that I instantly loved was that it came in two different sized bottles. Most shampoo for hair regrowth come in one of two ways: large over sized bottle that you can never take anywhere or tiny bottles that only last a couple washes. But because of the two sizes, I leave one at home at take one everywhere I travel. Since my husband and I both retired a couple years ago, we now travel all the time, and HairGear has made my new lifestyle a lot easier. And unlike other shampoos, you only need a little at a time to get your results.

But the thing I absolutely love is the results. Since using this shampoo for the last year, my hair has gotten twice as thick, and also my hair looks and feels great. Hair Gear’s shampoo provides my hair with tons of volume. I now longer fight that build up caused by so many other shampoos I tried, instead I have beautiful, soft hair that does not dry out. I am so pleased with how light my hair feels, now that I am always traveling it is nice to still have beautiful hair when I arrive at my destinations. In the past I would get ready in the morning, and have my hair styled and looking great, but by that afternoon my hair would be so heavy that all the style had fallen out of my hair. But now my hair is light and airy all day. It’s also nice that my hair is getting thicker every day. A lot of the women my age that I know are now starting to lose their hair a little each day, but my hair is improving, and that is enough to make any woman feel great.

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I love Hair Gear’s shampoo so much that I now give bottle out to all the women in my family, including my granddaughters, as birthday and Christmas presents. I have told so many people about this shampoo, even if they were not looking for a new shampoo. HairGear’s shampoo has totally changed my hair and the proof on my head is the perfect recommendation if you ask me.

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