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BOSLEY Defense Shampoo Review for Non Colord Treated Hair

About a year ago, I noticed my hair starting to get thinner. At first I didn’t think too much about it, but after losing more and more in my brush each time a brushed, I started to get concerned. It was about three months after I had first noticed my hair thinning that i decided to go see my doctor. Now I know thinning hair is common in women after a certain age, but being only forty I thought it was a little odd. My doctor informed me that I was losing my hair due to age and that over time, it would most likely just get worse. He recommended I try using some over the counter shampoos for my hair thinning problem before trying medications or expensive treatment options. After researching for about a week, I decided on a product that did not work, it took me six tries before I found a shampoo that really worked and didn’t give unwanted qualities to my hair. And that shampoo was BOSLEY Defense Shampoo for Non Colored Treated Hair.

I used this shampoo once before I fell in love. This Bosley shampoo is the best product out there for women who experience hair thinning and loss. After the first shampoo, I brushed my hair and no hair fell out. Then after 3 washes, my hair was noticeably thicker. After a week of daily washes with Bosley Defense Shampoo, my hair began growing back. It was a little odd looking for a little while because some of my hair was extremely short while the rest of my hair was longer. But within only a couple months of first using the shampoo, my hair was all long and thick , and my volume had went from nothing to extremely lush and full. Now my hair is full of volume not only after I get done styling it, but all day long. The way Bosley Defense Shampoo left my hair feeling was amazing. It didn’t leave my hair feeling dry or oily, like other shampoos I had tried, but instead gave my hair a silky smooth texture.

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I am the number one fan of BOSLEY Defense Shampoo for Non-Colored Treated Hair. I am so glad that I got my hair back, with just changing the shampoo I used, the price is incredible as well. Thank you Bosley for allowing me too feel amazing. It is nice to know that I found an easy and affordable answer that will allow me to have an amazing full head of hair for years to come.

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