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Alternative Hair Loss Treatments

Alternative Hair Loss Treatments

There are alternative treatments available if transplants, drugs or wigs are not your things, these treatments vary greatly in their applications and success rate. Handle with care!!

If wigs or transplants are not suitable what else can be done to help stop hair loss?

Below you will find a variety of treatments that have been around for a while. However, results are very open to differences of opinion, particularly from the people who actually sell the product or service.

Electric Pulse Treatments

A tremendous amount of interest was generated in America when the results of a 1991 clinical trial were published.

The trial consisted of 30 males all suffering from male pattern baldness. All the volunteers were subjected to minute amounts of pulsed electrical stimulation. Of the 30 participants who took part in the six months trial, 29 either grew hair or experienced no further hair loss.

The reason given for these exceptional results is as follows:

In male-pattern baldness, one of the first signs of hair loss is nerve degeneration. For example, if you pull a single hair from the back or side of the scalp it can be quite painful. However, if you repeat the process by removing a hair from areas affected by male pattern baldness you are unlikely to feel anything at all. That is because the nerve is likely to have degenerated to such a degree that there is no longer any feeling when the hair is removed.

It has been well established by biomedical scientists that wounded bone and soft body tissue repair respond to electrical stimulation.

When hair follicles are stimulated repetitively by pulsed energy of the correct intensity and frequency they can be “Kick-started” into proper functioning once again.

The above is from the sales literature of the company that sells Electric Pulse machines. The claims sound wonderful but should be viewed with caution. If the machine is so successful how come you never heard of it before. The press would have jumped on this if it worked as well as we are lead to believe.

Infra-Red Light Waves

This type of treatment has been around for years but has suddenly appeared on the market again as a brand new wonder treatment.

The machine which sends out infrared light eliminates all the harmful wavelengths in the infrared spectrum leaving just those frequencies that are claimed to stimulate the tissue and regenerate the follicle.

This biostimulation is achieved by producing a series of pulsed infra-red photoionisation beams each of which lasts only 20 billionths of a second. This way the scalp is supposed to be highly stimulated and the hair follicles encouraged to produce new healthy hair.

When this treatment is advised by a consultant they will always claim that this treatment must be combined with a special tonic to massage the scalp. The next step is that they then tell you that for the best result you have to combine the above with dietary supplements and skin preparations to provide the complete hair renewal system.

Most of the larger hair clinic in the country has probably got one of this machine somewhere in their clinics picking up dust. They may look technical and can be used to impress people but they do not provide the hair loss answer. The consultant will tell you each time you use the machine that he can actually see new hair growth. If you do try this type of treatment take someone with you each time to see if they can see the new growth. A new hair will take 12 weeks to regrow, so do not believe the consultant who tells you that he can see a difference after one week.

Remember the consultant is on commission so if he is trying to convince you that scalp tonics and dietary supplements are essential, he is doing so because he wants to make more money from you, not because this is the best treatment for you.

Before paying for a course of the treatment, make sure you ask to get the first few treatments free so that you can decide if it actually works before parting with your money.

Ultra Violet Light Treatment

As with infrared treatment, a high-frequency current is supposed to stimulate the surface of the scalp by means of massaging the cells of the scalp. It is also claimed to improve the process of nourishment, stimulate local blood circulation and soothing to the nervous system of the scalp.

What the above two types of treatment will be able to give you is a nice tanned scalp, still hairless, but tanned !!

If these treatments did actually work we would all have heard about it by now.

Steamer Treatment

This is claimed to work on the same principle as a sauna bath, it opens the pores and allows the discharge of waste matter, and allows greater penetration of the scalp cleansers they are going to sell you.

This type of treatment could be carried out in your own bathroom with hot towels on the scalp, or in a real sauna where you would actually get the full benefits on your whole body.

High Frequency

A high-frequency current which stimulates the surface of the scalp by means of massaging the cells of the scalp, also supposed to improve the process of nourishment, stimulate local blood circulation, stimulate local glandular activity, supplies heat and is soothing to the nervous system of the scalp. The blue light which is given is ultra-violet light. Very doubtful if any benefit will be felt.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is another one of the new types of treatments on the market.

A low voltage beam is pulsated across the scalp claiming to give stimulation to the follicle thus making new hair grow. This treatment can cost up to £3000 for a course of 30 visits to the clinic.

Scalp Massager

Scalp massage is normally performed to loosen the scalp and assist penetration of the medication. It is claimed that it also stimulates the surface blood supply. Supposedly embryonic hair is formed from materials transported by the same capillary system.

Specialist Shampoos and Scalp Tonics

Most clinics have their own range of hair tonics, shampoos and conditioners.

The claims of some of the clinics regarding what their shampoos can do leaves a lot to be desired, and they also cost vast amounts of money.

One leading clinic sells a three months course of tonic, shampoo and scalp cleanser for £800. This is a lot of money for something that you could probably get from your local chemist for around £20.

The clinics selling these products have to make a profit and as they know that a lot of people are very trusting of a consultant as he is supposed to be the expert, they price the product high and prompt the sales team to justify the high prices by claiming you get what you pay for.

These clinics make a lot of money, so the salespeople must be doing their job, which is to convince you to spend £800 on a product which is only really worth £20.

Ask what is in the tonics, shampoos etc. to justify the price. If they go into a big speech about all the various ingredients, just ask for the three main ingredients, write them down and then make sure you consult your doctor before you part with any of your money.

If the products are so good then the clinic should give you a free trial of their products, that way if you see that they work then obviously you will continue using them. If the clinic does not provide you with a free sample then it cannot have too much faith in its own products. Which should tell you something about the company.

Standing on Head

One of the new thoughts regarding a cure for hair loss is inverting the body to achieve maximum blood flow to the scalp. The thinking behind this being that the scalp is the hardest place on the body for blood to reach. Like our fingertips and toes, it is regarded as an extremity. The theory is that when you get the blood flowing to these extremities then the improved blood circulation will help with hair growth.

You start this programme of hair recovery by convincing yourself to adopt a positive mental attitude and telling your subconscious that you will grow your hair again, and then set a date for when you would like to achieve this hair growth by.

It is believed that hair growth will be achieved by causing optimum blood flow to the scalp. The basis of this system is a contraption that turns you upside down so that the blood rushes to your head.

One company is so convinced that standing on your head is so good for hair growth, that they have actually started producing very expensive equipment claiming that it is required to get the best out of this method.

No such expensive equipment is actually needed for you to try out this method. You can simply lie on a bed and allow your head to overhang the end or you can place a plank of wood on an incline and lie on that. Even easier is to stand on your head against a wall.

The recommended time for this exercise is thirty seconds once a day.

Along with inverting yourself as above, there is a regime of scalp exercises to follow along with some dietary guidelines.

One comment about this is that if we did not have an adequate supply to our scalp as stated above then we would not actually be alive !!

Be wary of all so-called cures, they will inevitably cost you money and heartache with nothing to show for it in the end.

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