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7 Women Who Lost Their Hair to Breast Cancer Treatment

Baldness can pronounce your illness before you are ready. Hair loss is among those guaranteed side effects of most kinds of chemotherapy treatment, and it may be demanding. For many girls, it is the worst aspect of the entire breast cancer encounter.

Adds Karen Lynch, 40, a writer who sites about breast feeding ( at Fairfield, Conn.,”the doubt about losing your hair really is a big thing. I really don’t understand why we are so wrapped up in our own hair, but we’re.”

Other girls are not so tough to hit. “I was OK with this I had long hair for quite a while and I just guessed, let us try something fresh,” reports Sharon O’Donnell, 51, of Hamilton Township, N.J., that cut her off and donated it to Locks of Love ( and then set a temporary tattoo on her hairless head.

It is not merely vanity which makes losing your crowning glory therefore psychological; it is going public, possibly before you are prepared to. “It [made me] seem sick to have no hair when I felt nice and had been going through therapy and did not have a lot of unwanted effects,” says Jessica, 33, a psychotherapist at St. Paul, Minn., that had cancer twice and dropped her hair double.

“I was upset I was likely to lose my hair, and in 2 areas it is not growing back again. That is huge for me throughout my whole illness I have not told any of my customers. I simply don’t wish to be called’cancer woman ‘”

Perhaps you had a justification to get a buzz cut?

As hard as baldness maybe, this might be one of several areas where it is likely to simply take back small hands –by shaving your mind instead of awaiting clumps of hair to appear in your pillow and at the shower.

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“I did not need to have the harm of seeing my own hair fall out,” says Pam Tazioli, 54, of Seattle. “Someone gave me the title of a beauty shop, a higher-end location where they’ll put you up in a wig at no cost. I moved at the close of the afternoon once the wig had come, brought in a few cousins, we opened a bottle of wine and they shaved my mind ”

It had been in the area where I purchased that the wig so that they were probably utilized to it. It was a fantastic release.

Melissa Graves, 40, of College Station, Texas, was amazed by the physical pain of baldness:”It hurts as soon as your hair falls out–the nearest thing is if your hair has been upward in a ponytail daily; it is sore,” she states. “I said, when it begins thinning, we will cut it off; this is 1 thing I could control.” Graves ended up using a spiky blue Mohawk (she tickles the outrageous cut-and-colour), then proceeded to Supercuts and also had the remainder of her hair cut off.

…or an excuse to try a fresh appearance
“Get a wig that is more than your own hair so that you can get it trimmed and styled at the fashion you need,” he adds.

If a wig is not for you, or you simply want one for particular circumstances, there are lots of different choices if you would like to pay your mind hairpieces, hats, caps, knitted skullcaps, scarves, and turbans.

Victoria LaRosa, 57, of Warrenton, Va., enjoyed to cycle through each of the choices. “I was bald from August before the beginning of April and that I did all –wigs, turbans, and that I went,” recalls the owner of I’m Still Me, a post-mastectomy apparel boutique. “It is anything you feel comfortable doing.”

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For inspiration and advice, have a look at the free cosmetics and mind coverings/wig-styling classes provided jointly by the American Cancer Society ( and Look Great.

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